Happy Dogs Make Happy People


Here at Biscuit Head Baking Co. we have combined our fine artisan instincts with the love of all things good in order to bring you these fine products.

You will find in our product list many tasty items that are with the utmost quality in mind. Our biscuits are hand cut and oven baked using the best ingredients available. Our dehydrated treats have no additives. No dog has ever turned up it’s nose at our dehydrated beef or turkey. And the “Whine”… we make our own malted beef and turkey stocks and bottle it in an attractive wine split. Perfect for a gift,  to celebrate a special day or to pour over dry food.

Our dogs - Flip Flop, Low Dog, Mylah, Maggie and Murphy - highly endorse these products. We add natural preservatives but keep them in the refrigerator until serving , they will last even longer.

Recently, we discovered Texas Olive Ranch 100% Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Flavored Vinegars.  We proudly bring them to you for human consumption.




Happy People Make Happy Dogs

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Texas Olive
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These are for 
humans !

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