Happy People Make Happy Dogs

Biscuit Head Baking Co.

Biscuits— human-grade ingredients,                         hand-cut and oven-baked

Dehydrated Meats— human-grade prime cuts of beef or hand-carved and dehydrated turkey

We use only natural preservatives in our products

No salt, no preservatives in our dehydrated treats.

Beverages - our own malted beef or turkey stock,      no preservatives added

Product Summary

Beef                 Whole wheat flour,  oatmeal, cornmeal, powdered milk, organic egg,                                       unsalted butter, unsalted beef stock, water, vitamin E,  rosemary, citric acid.


Chicken         Whole wheat flour, oatmeal, cornmeal, powdered milk, organic egg,  unsalted                           butter, unsalted chicken stock, water, vitamin E,  rosemary, citric acid.


P-Nutter       Whole wheat flour, water, oatmeal, cornmeal,  organic egg,  canola oil, organic                           peanut butter, vanilla extract, cinnamon, vitamin E, citric acid.


Dehydrated Round Steak, Turkey Breast and Sweet Potatoes.



Beverages    Beef or turkey stock (no salt), malt.

List of Ingredients

Our Humble Beginnings

Workshop of the “Head Biscuit”

Waiting for a Biscuit Head treat!


Get back Jack!

Now that’s relaxed!


As a nod to diversity here is Smokey.  Yes, a cat!

We don’t think we look anything alike.   Do you?

Did someone say lunch?

Is that Lindsey and Britney ?

No, it’s Maggie and Flip Flop hamming it up poolside , Hollywood style.

Princess party!!!

Dudley, Gracie and Roscoe! They love our Veggie Biscuits.

“I got the ball. I got the ball….

Casey from Centreville, VA



Is Jasper giving a kiss or eating her nose?

If you’re going to drive you’ll have to turn around.



“Just throw it already!!!”